Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich

Never underestimate the power of a sloppy over-sized fried chicken sandwich.

This came to me sizzling hot – and you would think –  though I had already burnt my tongue that I might slow down. Nope. That burning deliciousness, I could not let cool down.

Did I regret it? Sort of. Would I do this again? Oh, probably. See, my friends, the thing is when the first bite was so good – I can’t very well stop. You want to experience the tastiness repeatedly. The only problem with this technique is my food disappears. Always an issue if a dish is too good.

So where is this? It’s a place called Freeman’s in NYC. Bustling lunch spot. 

Worth the wait for solid food.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich….heaven

This isn’t just a simple chicken sandwich. This, my friends, is something more. Heaven between your hands. It’s absolutely delicious. An Amazing Buttermilk Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich made with an avocado chutney and pickled onion and a side of fries!!!!!! 

The combination of their in house made avocado chutney with the pickled onion. Such a compliment to the juicy and tender fried chicken. I could eat a bunch of those! (Okay, maybe two before I am in pain but I’d try. It’s the fries that fill you up too soon).

Nathan’s & Coney Island

Coney Island is a great to spend the day with anyone or even on your own. There’s so much to do and eat. On that fine point, you must have a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog.

I’m no hot dog aficionado but it was  darn tasty! I topped it with mustard, ketchup and some relish. I usually like it with some onions, too.

And, in case you didn’t know. They are home to renowned hot dog eating contest in July! Check it out if you get the chance!

Los Tacos…yes, line up for it!

I’ve always wondered about places that have so much hype. I feel set up for disappointment. This time round, I will include myself in the masses that say, yes, to lining up.

I ordered two tacos – one grilled beef, carne asada  and one grilled chicken, pollo asado  with everything on it on a corn tortilla.  I had overheard a couple of regulars in line chatting, giving advice to her friend about her favourites. One of those circumstances when listening in might be handy.

It was heaven. Tender, juicy well marinated beef and chicken. Every bite was memorable due in part one of the best corn tortillas I have experienced in recent memory.

If I did not have an appointment to get to I would have hit that line again for more. The line you see, may be intimidating but it moves fairly fast. I was impressed all round.




Agora, a Turkish Delight

Nestled on the Upper East side is Agora.  The first and only Turkish restaurant I have ever had the privilege to try. As a first time experience, I feel I have been robbed from the amazing food I have been missing all these years. (Truthfully, I can’t think of a single Turkish restaurant in Toronto but that maybe my own fault).

Agora covers all the bases. Delivering great food, customer service and atmosphere.An additional nod must be given to the interior design -tastefully modern yet comfortable. Have I mentioned how clean this place is especially the bathroom facilities? I always check that. Very happy to give that a 5 out of 5.

Upon seating, they bring the most delicious bread and dip. Made in house, I loved the fluffy bread but honestly had to hold back from eating the entire thing.

The aroma was as heavenly as the flavours in the Lamb Adana. Ground lamb char grilled in an array of aromatic spices and red peppers. Served with an onion, cabbage slaw, grilled jalapeño and tomato and rice. The lamb itself was sitting on this thin glazed bread. I savoured every bite.

For dessert I had their baked rice pudding. Served in adorable terracota containers. This absolutely hit the spot. Smooth and not too sweet.

One of the best meals I’ve had in new york.

fluffy bread
baked rice pudding







Agave. West Village. Mexican Food

On weekends this place is packed but get there at an odd hour, after lunch say, mid afternoon. What you’ll find is nice venue to relax and enjoy yourself.  By that I mean, grab one of their margarita’s (or in my case, three).  Even if you aren’t hungry try their empanadas and tacos.  I can’t get over how good they were.

My only disappointment is not being able to eat more. Seriously, I wanted more but I was ridiculously full.

agave blood orange
prickly pear margarita

Bread Pudding.  Berkli Parc Cafe.

Berkli sits on a busy corner of Delancey street in the lower east side.  Popped in when the weather turned into a nasty downpour one evening.

Walking in, a couple things are clear. One, should I have brought my laptop so I can work on something? Two, they serve alcohol in this wi-fi enabled cafe. 

Every place in mind has a shining star. For me, after visiting several times, it’s been their bread pudding served with vanilla ice cream.  Of course, they have coffee and a myriad of savoury goods but this was a definite favourite.  

fruity cocktail

Cafe Gitane

Nestled among the fashionable boutiques on Mott Street is Cafe Gitane.  A restaurant that extols an interesting combination of flavours: French, Moroccan and Arabic.

This was not what I would usually go for during brunch. However, it was a refreshing change. It’s a comfortable, less curated space than its neighbours.

Coming later in the afternoon after the usual breakfast rush makes it easy to snag a table at this usually busy spot.

Everything we had such great depths of flavour and just the perfect kick of spice. I had ordered the baked eggs with merguez sausages, basil, tomato sauce and cream.  My friend ordered the most popular item: the baked eggs sandwich with merguez sausages, parmesan cheese, chipotle mayo on a french baguette.  Either item are definite pleasers.

A nice extra are the chocolates that come with your coffee.

Great service. Excellent food. An okay washroom.





Buvette. A little bit of Paris in the West Village

Even on a stormy winter day, you still have to wait for a table. That tells you this place is popular.  We were told we would have to wait up to an hour and half but I find that to be a great technique to weed folks out. Instead, we came back in less than an hour and were seated immediately.

A server comes up to your party, takes your name and writes it on the wall.  Efficient.

Sitting there, it definitely has a  very quaint French vibe. Although, I can’t recall places in Paris this packed but I suppose it might be because a lot of Paris looks like this. Oh, the irony.

Despite the hoards of people constantly coming in, the servers are well-oiled professional machines.  Promptly arriving at your table and giving you time if needed to order your morning brew.

When in Rome or in this case Paris, I ordered the classic croque monsieur. It indeed lived up to its melted gruyere cheese and classic ham goodness. The pickles paired so well with each bite. The savoury with the sour of the pickle. A heavenly combination I can still taste. Oh, be warned! This does get rather filling.

Equally as good, the croque madame. Similar to the above dish but comes with a sunny-side egg. So, if you like a bit more cholesterol to your dish, try that one.

The coffee was a wonderful compliment. I should have checked the roaster they used.

Was worth the wait? Yes.

Would I go there again? Absolutely.

5 stars for the service

3.5 stars for the tiny water closet but extra half point is for the architectural details.

5 stars Food