Los Tacos…yes, line up for it!

I’ve always wondered about places that have so much hype. I feel set up for disappointment. This time round, I will include myself in the masses that say, yes, to lining up.

I ordered two tacos – one grilled beef, carne asada  and one grilled chicken, pollo asado  with everything on it on a corn tortilla.  I had overheard a couple of regulars in line chatting, giving advice to her friend about her favourites. One of those circumstances when listening in might be handy.

It was heaven. Tender, juicy well marinated beef and chicken. Every bite was memorable due in part one of the best corn tortillas I have experienced in recent memory.

If I did not have an appointment to get to I would have hit that line again for more. The line you see, may be intimidating but it moves fairly fast. I was impressed all round.





Fresh Empanadas at El Amacen

There’s something to be said about sitting in this cafe and having numerous walk ins order bunches of empanadas to take home. Very good sign.

I saw them making them as the other woman was making my Americano from their beautiful espresso machine. It’s a serious show stopper.  Beyond all that, it is one of my favourite places to hang out sans wi-fi.

But on to the empanadas. Perfect. The dough, the filling – combined perfection. Beef and olive was divine. The chicken was phenomenal but if I had to pick, beef and olive wins!

I’m always amazed how some of the best cuisines from each country are the foods you can walk and eat with.  


Palo Santo in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Lured in by the curated entrance, I found myself pleasantly surprised by having to choose to eat cuisine for brunch that wasn’t my norm. Yet, completely if not more satisfied with this food than my go to scrambled eggs, hash browns , sausage and toast.

Break free and try the Chilaquiles de Pollo. Layers of corn chips with braised chicken, cotija, mole poblano and a free range egg on top. The crunch married so well with the savoury sauce and braised chicken.  

A nice alternative instead of toast was the quince cake to start. It tasted like little morsels of vanilla cake. 

Everything in the space was inviting and comfortable including the service.